Marketing Information System

All questions has to be 200 word count in own words excluding the reference.

1.There has always been a discussion / debate over the relationship between sales and marketing. Some argue that they are the same. Others believe sales is part of marketing and vice versa. What are 3 to five distinct characteristics between sales and marketing?

2.What are the key components of an effective marketing plan? Why is the marketing plan one of the most important elements of the marketing process? 2

3. What does a marketing plan include? 2 (p. 55)

4. How does marketing affect customer value? 2(p. 35)

5. What are the components of a modern marketing information system? 3(p. 67)

6. What makes up a marketing intelligence system?3 (p. 70)

7. How can companies accurately measure and forecast demand?3 (p. 85)

8. What are some core marketing concepts? 1 (p. 9)

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