Marketing Approach

1. Loyal customers offer multiple benefits to the healthcare organization. What are these benefits? How can loyalty be measured from marketing approach? Find three examples of loyalty programs in the healthcare industry, and critique them. Are in the program content any room for improvements?

2. Measuring satisfaction is a function of expectations and the importance of each point of contact. How can customer satisfaction be measured? Find at least three customer satisfaction models from outside.

3. If a customer believes that a problem with an organization is systemic to how the business operates, it is difficult for the company or service to develop a recovery strategy. Look into “customer recovery strategies” from marketing service subject via FNU electronic databases, or other sources. Find three examples of recovery marketing strategies applied to services, compare them, and conclude about their similarities and differences.

4. When establishing the product element of the marketing mix, a company must decide its product mix, product line, and its breadth and depth. Pick a Hospital or any health services facility you are working for, or have worked for, and describe the product (service) mix that facility is offering. Based on your experience working for that facility, Is it possible to modify the product mix by eliminating, adding, services? If yes, why? If not, why?

Submission Requirements:

1. Written answer of 100 words or more in APA style for all the questions, so ample explanations in your own words based on your rationale and experience are needed to get an “A”

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