Marketing Activities

________ data, or the facts and figures that have already been collected about the Coffee Collective prior to the research at hand, would include information relating to budgets, previous marketing activities, sales and customer communications.

Internal secondary data

Derived data

Internal primary data

External secondary data

External primary data


If Martha wants to determine whether or not she should offer open mic night at the Coffee Collective as part of the coffee experience, this would be an example of her ____________.

establishing parameters

creating a plan

testing marketing actions

collecting information

defining the problem


Which of the following would allow Gabbie the most flexibility in asking probing questions about why customers would want an open mic night?

Online surveys

Mail surveys

Personal interviews

Social media audits



Instead of using survey information, Martha decides she would rather use ________ to find hidden information within her customer relationship management database to find links between spending habits and which types of entertainment should be marketed by the Coffee Collective.

external data

buying inquiries

rebuy model statistics

indirect data purchases

data mining

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