Managing Organizations and People

Complete all the following tasks using the “Perpetual Guardian and the Four-day work week”
case study supplied on Blackboard.
Write your answers in full paragraphs and number each section of your answers.

  1. Organization Culture (20 marks)
    a. Discuss the culture at Perpetual Guardian, using both visible and invisible levels of corporate
    culture. (10 marks)
    b. Perpetual Guardian is described by Christine Brotherton as being “old school.” Using the four types
    of corporate culture grid, discuss how recent initiatives and the move to a four-day workweek have
    influenced the culture of Perpetual Guardian. Provide evidence for any cultural shifts using quotes
    from the case study. (10 marks)
  2. Motivation (20 marks)
    a. Use Alderfer’s ERG theory as a model to identify how the needs of employees have been fulfilled at
    Perpetual Guardian. Explain how the move to a four-day work week can meet employees’ higher
    order needs and at the same time benefitting the organization. (10 marks)
    b. Use the Job Characteristics Model (JCM) to analyze how the implementation of the four-day
    workweek has contributed to the motivation and personal and work outcomes of Tammy Barker,
    and Mark Jephson. (10 marks)
  3. Communication (20 marks)
    a. Andrew Barnes introduced the concept of the four-day workweek in an informal face to face
    meeting of all staff, explaining in person the reasoning behind it and asking for feedback. Use
    media-richness theory to discuss why you consider Barnes chose this channel and method of
    communication as appropriate for this stage of the change process, and its effectiveness. (10
    b. Describe three further channels and methods of communication that Perpetual Guardian used to
    engage the staff during this change process. Discuss, with reference to theory why these channels
    or methods were appropriate. (10 marks)
  4. Stress and Wellbeing in the Workplace (20 marks)
    a. Explain why organizations such as Perpetual Guardian need to be concerned about workplace
    stress, and what the consequences of poorly managed stress are for employees and for
    organizations (10 marks).
    b. Discuss how the implementation of the four-day work week has affected employee stress and
    wellbeing at Perpetual Guardian using quotes from the case study to support your discussion (10
  5. Human Resources (20 marks)
    a. Describe how a focus on the ‘people-side’ of the business has led to increased productivity at
    Perpetual Guardian (10 marks).
    b. Discuss how Perpetual Guardian’s response to the changing nature of careers and the workplace
    has resulted in an improved employer brand. (10 marks

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