Managing Organisations and People


You are to write an essay in which you critically reflect on your personal learning during a recent team experience in a business team, voluntary group, or sports organisation.

In your essay you need to: (essential)

• Describe team experience:
o Briefly but in enough detail to communicate the context.
o Include detail about size of team, purpose, team process.
• Analyse your experience:
o Discuss team processes and why you think the team functioned in that way (causes) and what the consequences are/were.
o In your analysis draw on theories and concepts of teamwork such as: *roles, stages, norms, cohesiveness, leadership, communication, conflict management, goals, values, personality.

*Depending on the team experience you are describing, some aspects will be more relevant than others, but you will need to discuss at least THREE in-depth.

• Reflect on:
o your own contribution to the team, to its success or lack of success, and your readiness to lead or effectively contribute to the team.
o what you have learned and what you will do, or have done differently, in future teams as a result of this team experience.


• Use formal academic writing, and an essay structure including an introduction and conclusion.
• Include specific examples from your team experience to illustrate your discussion.

• Use critically reflective writing that draws from a range of academic articles. You need to include:
a range of supporting evidence:
• A minimum of THREE peer-reviewed academic articles.
• Theories and models from the textbook referenced from source.

Important note:

• The success or otherwise of the team are describing is not relevant to the grade you will receive for this essay. You are being assessed on your ability to critically reflect on the experience.

Programme learning goals

• Be self-aware critically reflective and ethical management professionals
• Be effective thinkers and problem solvers
• Be effective communicators
• Be able to demonstrate advanced knowledge of business management professional practices

Paper learning outcomes

  1. Examine the functions of effective management in a changing world.
  2. Integrate theoretical frameworks and concepts in order to reflect critically, on team learning experiences.
  3. Critically evaluate internal and external forces and stakeholders that influence the management of organisations.
  4. Analyse the causes and consequences of management issues in organisations and recommend workable solutions that meet the needs of diverse groups of stakeholders.

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