Managing Conflict

Question 1

Develop a short paper critically analyzing, and summarizing, one to three key content points. The paper will include:

  • Title/cover page
  • Introduction (2 paragraphs maximum)
  • Content/Critical Thinking Analysis (Identify key concepts, theories and models from weekly assigned chapters in textbook-how can you apply this information to an organization-give examples).
  • Conclusion (2 paragraphs maximum)
  • References

Papers will be 3-4 pages in content length, mostly narrative in format.

The week’s focus is on Groups & Teams”, “Managing Conflict & Negotiations”, “Decision Making & Creativity.

NOTE: how can you apply this information to an organization? give examples. Mostly narrative in format.

Question 2

Your assignment is to write an essay about your first job interview. If you have never had a job interview, write about a similar experience in which you had to deal with an authority figure (this can be a school principle, a teacher, or even a parent). Remember, this is more than just a story (though narration should be the primary purpose); it is an essay. Therefore you should consider the dominant impression, the message you want to convey to the reader: was it a pleasant experience, or was it terrifying? Did you feel confident before, during, and after the event, or were you stressing constantly? These are the types of details that should appear in the essay and which should be supported by evidence throughout the text.

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