Management Signature Essay

The Signature Assignment will be a 5-8 page (excluding cover page and references) research essay describing the importance of the basic statistical tools in a real-life situation.
Suppose that you work for a large mutual fund and your supervisor asks you to write a brief report on the funds’ rates of return in the last 3 years. Having calculated the historical returns you are asked to forecast the next year rate of return. Please describe in words what data is necessary to write the report and what basic statistics you would use. Make sure to provide details on the computations, and if you want, you can create a hypothetical data set with the sales in the past 3 years to run your results.

Below are some links that may be useful in writing your paper:
APA Style Formatting: (Provides an example on how to write a COMPLETE research paper)

How we ranked the funds (2013). Business Today, 22(12), 76. The Data Page. Retrieved from

The general guidelines for the final signature assignment are:
Must be double-spaced with 1-inch margins and typed in 12-point Times New Roman.
Your Essay should have a Cover Page and Works Cited Page. Essays should be proofread for spelling and grammar mistakes. Although not graded, it is suggested the essay be in APA style. You must cite all texts used, including page numbers to avoid plagiarism. Your essay must have a thesis statement and conclusion that are both supported by research.
If you do not turn in your assignment before the deadline, points may be deducted from your score for tardiness.

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