Management Limitations

  1. Is offset by measures of risk reduction gained?

a. Threat

b. Risk

c. Benefit

d. Inconvenience

2. Determining costs in other items for a risk manager includes which of the following:

a. Time

b. Inconvenience

c. Personnel

d. All of the above

3. Understanding how does asset value compare to proposed costs of protection is a key

component of:

a. Cost benefit analysis

b. Threat assessment

c. Risk assessment

d. None of the above

4. When determining countermeasures the question that must be answered is;

a. Does it reduce risk to an acceptable level

b. Does it satisfy the customer’s requirement for asset protection

c. Neither A nor B

d. Both A and B

5. As a risk manager which of the following questions become important in justifying to

management limitations of an asset;

a. Did the risk team have access to the best information

b. Were there conflicting interests

c. Neither A nor B

d. Both A and B

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