Management Effectiveness

Question 1

Framework: Your team is employed as investment analysts by a fund management company, which has MYR 10 Million under management. Your team is assigned the task of assessing the financial performance and position of 3 major company which is quoted on the Malaysian stock exchange. Team objective is to make a recommendation of buy or sell based on the team’s analysis of the company’s performance. Draft a report for submission to your manager, which will become the basis for an investment decision in your recommended company for an amount of MYR 100,000,000.

A) write up a company profile description including brief background of the company, products or services, position in the industry, and financial strength (700 words)

  1. Sapura Energy
  2. Bumi Armada

  3. Hibiscus Petroleum

B) for the 3 companies mentioned above, please describe the Management effectiveness and Efficiency in managing their business. (700 words)

Question 2

  1. Choose a real company that sells inventory (the company may also sell services, but it must sell inventory). Write a brief description of the company’s sales process. Make sure to describe the relationship between orders (if the company takes orders), sales and receipt of cash. Include details about the resources and agents, both internal and external, involved in the process. You may draw an activity model to help describe the company if you want.
  2. Using your company description, draw a REA model of the sales process. The model should include all necessary classes, relationships and multiplicities/cardinalities needed to create a database to record the events in the sales process.
  3. Create an Access database based on the REA model you created. The database must include all necessary tables and relationships described in the REA model. For each table (excluding many-to-many join tables), you should include at least 3 attributes appropriate to the table. Each table must have a Primary Key.

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