Management and Leadership Development Program

In this task, you will synthesize key concepts learned within the Management and Leadership program and then apply them by developing a management and leadership development program for a real-world business entity. You will first need to select an organization with which you are familiar. You may choose your current place of employment, a local business, a nonprofit organization, or any operating organization. 

The management and leadership development program you design should include a process to foster the management and leadership skills of current and future leaders within an organization. These skills would be employed in formal and informal leadership positions throughout the company. The program should be targeted toward a specific leadership audience in the organization.


A.  Discuss the organization for which you are developing the management and leadership development program, including the following:

•   size

•   number of employees

•   type of business (including services or products)

•   years in business

•   form of business ownership (e.g., sole proprietor, LLC, corporation)

•   current locations

B.  Provide an overview of the current management and leadership development program at the organization identified in part A by doing the following:

1.  Explain the business need for a management and leadership development program.

2.  Describe how the current development process prepares current and future managers and leaders, including the following components:

•   the training processes

•   leadership development techniques, including curriculum, materials, or resources

•   two efficiencies in the program

•   two inefficiencies in the program

C.   Create a new management and leadership development program by doing the following:

1.   Discuss your proposed program, including how the program prepares current and future managers and leaders.

a.   Explain how your development program meets the organization’s business need identified in part B1.

2.   Select one of the following target audiences and explain how your program meets the needs of this audience:

•   new and aspiring leaders within the organization

•   current leaders seeking to further their leadership knowledge within their current roles

•   experienced leaders seeking promotion to senior leadership roles

a.   Discuss three areas of management and leadership that are important to develop within the audience selected in part C2. Support your discussion with one unique scholarly source from your Task 1 submission for each of the three areas.

Note: These might include emotional intelligence, human resource management, change management, strategic management, or any other areas of leadership and management learned during the program.

3.  Describe the training process for your program.

4.  Describe the leadership development techniques, including curriculum, materials, or resources.

5.  Explain how your program capitalizes upon the efficiencies and overcomes the inefficiencies identified in part B2.

6.  Describe the incentives provided to individuals for participation in your program.

7.  Describe the timeline for completion of your program, including milestones.

8.  Describe how participants will demonstrate their knowledge from your program.

9.  Describe three quantitative metrics that will be used to evaluate the overall effectiveness of your management and leadership development program and the expected effect on the organization.

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