MAN3605 – Written Assignment 4

Assignment4 / Case Study

Case Studies are provided to enhance understanding as well as problem solving skills, and the core concepts in the chapter.

Discuss case study “Communicating with International Clients as a Free Lancer” PDF file. The case relates to chapter 13 “International Negotiation and Cross-Cultural Communication” and answer questions 1-3 listed on the assignment.

This case discusses the opportunities offered to freelancers as a result of globalization. It also emphasizes the challenges inherent in cross-cultural communication and offers some suggestions for better cross-cultural communication.

Answer the following questions:

1.What are some of the factors making it easier for freelancers to work internationally today?

2.Why is communication with international clients more difficult than local clients?

3.What can a freelancer do to better prepare for cross-cultural communication?


*Read chapter 13 “International Negotiation and Cross-Cultural Communication” from your textbook Multinational Management

*Download pdf file with case “Communicating with International Clients as a Free Lancer”

*Write a 2 page paper that covers the required case three answers

*Paper must be APA formatted

*Must be original in at least 70% content

*Must cite the textbook and one other source from the FNU Library Electronic Library

You will be graded on the following:


APA Formatting (Margins, Line Spacing, Running Head, Page Numbering, Paragraphs Indents, Proper Referencing, In-Text Referencing, Font Style and Size)= 2 pts

Originality Report (70% or higher)= 1pt

Writing Volume (2 full pages)= 1pt

Referencing Sources (Textbook and at least one other source of reference from the FNU Electronic Library)= 2 pts


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