Luther And The Reformation


Part I offers you three guiding questions based on the Film by Rick Steves on Luther and the Reformation. The Film is available on Kanopy (you must create a CSI Account to watch the film):…

The Film is also available on YouTube:

Please watch the Film. Use the first three guiding questions to construct a short response to the Film. You may organize your Response to the Film in any way you like. But please DO NOT write about Luther or about the Reformation using material that is NOT in the Film. You MUST be Film-based in responding to the first three questions below.

Part I: [10%] Rick Steves’ film Luther and the Reformation. Use these 3 guiding questions to construct a paragraph-length response. (You may use different paragraphs if you like but keep those paragraphs connected with each other). [500 words maximum]

1. How does Rick Steves describe 16th Century European Society — in terms of Religious authority, in terms of Political authority, and in terms of Social Classes — during the time of the Reformation?

2. How does Rick Steves describe Luther’s religious life? What was the Peasants Rebellion that the film discusses? How does the Film discuss the Thirty Years War (1618-1648) that broke out in Europe?

3. Rick Steves also discusses the Renaissance. How is the Renaissance discussed in the Film? Why do you think it is important to understand the Reformation in relation to the Renaissance?

Part II: [5%] This Part draws upon Weber’s Chapter III on “Luther’s Conception of the Calling” (pp.79-92), that I discussed in class. Please respond to the questions below using not more than 300 words.

(a) What was Luther’s concept of ‘the Calling’ according to Weber in Chapter III? How did Luther arrive at this concept of the Calling? What was “new” or novel in Luther’s conception of the Calling? Please be text-based in responding. [150 words]

(b) Why does Weber claim that Luther’s conception of the Calling remained “traditionalistic”? Please be text-based in responding. [150 words]

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