Logical Development

Family Issue Report: Complete a 5-page paper (excluding title page and reference page) reporting on a topic of their choice related to marriage and the family. Students should pick at least 4 current (within the last 10 years) news articles from newspapers (local, national, or international) and/or magazines/journals. The articles must represent edited and published work (no blogs; no Wikipedia). The articles taken together should cover different perspectives on the same issue, as well as events that show how the issue affects people’s lives so that students can provide a fairly comprehensive and balanced review of the topic in the news. Students will provide a balanced view of the topic using evidence and statistics to support their ideas. This is NOT an opinion essay and all information sources should be fully cited and referenced.

For instance, a paper on gay marriage may include articles on protests for or against it, accounts of weddings of gay couples, commentary on proposed legislation, etc. They should apply at least one of the theories reviewed in the course to analyze the issue they are covering in a balanced fashion. Students may also include additional sources as needed to provide background on the issue they chose, but most of the paper should be based on the news articles. The paper should include a cross-cultural dimension, using at least two completely different social groups. The paper should be formatted in ASA style. Grading of written assignments will be based on the following elements:

• Logical development of ideas

• Level of depth and detail

• Application of course materials

• Critical thinking skills

• Grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

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