Literature Review


This is an individual task. Your assignment is to write a literature review on your assigned subtopic.

1. Literature review should be at least than two pages (no less).

2. At least three empirical citations must be included – you must review at least three research studies for your subtopic and report the findings (you can include more if needed).

3. Organization of your literature review should make sense and flow logically – transition statements between paragraphs are necessary.

4. There must be a conclusion paragraph that summarizes all of your findings. Your conclusion paragraph must also include implications for future research (gaps in the literature).

5. Writing style is clear, concise, professional, and adheres to APA guidelines.

  • Must have an APA title page, in-text citations, and reference page

6. Literature review is free of spelling and grammar errors

7. Do notuse direct quotes – paraphrase!

Grading Rubric:

Review of study #110
Review of study #210
Review of study #310
Conclusion paragraph with summary of findings/implications for future research/gaps in the literature10
APA formatting (title page, in-text citations, reference page)5
Spelling and grammar5
Total points50

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