Literary Ananlysis

 “For this essay, students will be asked to select a literary text and analyze that text using textual analysis or thematic interpretation and external research. Your analysis will focus on a specific idea or claim (i.e. thesis statement) about the text. That claim could be interpretive, evaluative, expressive or a combination of all three (see p. 185 in your textbook). After examining the text through close reading, select specific observations from the text (scenes, dialogue, lines, lyrics, images, etc.) that demonstrate the claim and then explain the observation’s significance through sufficient interpretation.

This is NOT a history paper. Students should not use their research to simply restate information about the historical context of the text. Research should engage both the writer and the reader in a critical examination about the interpretation or meaning of the text.

This essay must be at least three full pages long (not including the Works Cited), have at least three sources on the Works Cited page (including the literary text), be formatted in MLA 8th edition and written in third person.”

I chose to analyze Ahkeela and the bee and explain the various lessons that the viewer could get from the movie. I can not just restate what the sources say, it must be analyzed in my own words. But I need help. And can you please list the sources you used, so I can do the works cited page? Thank you so much!

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