Life Cycle

QUESTION 1      [25 MARKS]
Identify a project to complete in your department at your organisation (or an organisation that you are familiar with). Present a professionally written project proposal, including:

  •  An executive summary;
  •  A background to the proposed project (how it is aligned with the organisation’s vision and mission);
  •  The key project goals and objectives (apply SMART criteria and explain the strategic link between plans, programmes and project);
  •  A stakeholder analysis;
  •  Findings stemming from your feasibility study and market research;
  •  Financial projections or cost projections (best, middle and worst case scenarios of initial estimates of time and resources); and
  •  General recommendations (tactics) based on your research and financial projections.

QUESTION 2      [20 MARKS]
Concerning your project, document how implementation will take place (strategy) and how you would address potential challenges (resistance to implementation) in this regard. Also, provide an overview of the committees, decision makers and task teams that will be involved in your project, including their responsibilities.

QUESTION 3      [10 MARKS]
Create a work breakdown structure (WBS) for your project.

QUESTION 4      [15 MARKS]
Conduct a risk analysis on your chosen project, clearly showing the impact and likelihood of specific risks. Be sure to determine the risk acceptance criteria, risk acceptability and what action will be proposed to reduce the risk.

QUESTION 5      [10 MARKS]
Discuss the earned value management (EVM) technique and its role in forecasting and controlling performance of your chosen project.

Together with monitoring and control is the process of reporting on progress. Discuss what you would include in the project progress report of your chosen project.

During which development stage of the project management life cycle would leadership be likely to acknowledge successes and failures of the project? Justify your answer, and critically discuss how you could manage potential failure and success factors.

Present a sample project closure checklist that you would use to close your project effectively.

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