Life Chances

For the Unit V Assignment, you will research poverty in the United States on the web and create a photo essay that depicts

the struggles that many Americans in the underclass, working class, and lower middle class are facing today. Your photo

essay should have a cohesive theme linking the photos in some way in the essay.

Theme ideas: For example, you could create your photo essay on a certain area or region (urban or rural). Maybe you want

to focus it on lost jobs, a personal story, the recession, immigration, economic impact of globalization, low-paying jobs,

slums, kids and poverty, hunger, elderly and poverty, single parents and poverty, health care and poverty, drugs, or other

social issues that go along with poverty. These are just a few ideas. You can pick any theme that depicts the economic

struggles of Americans.

You must provide a minimum of four photos in the photo essay with a 100-word (or more) description below each

photo explaining what the photo represents. The descriptions should educate the reader in some way about the topic. Each

picture must come from a different webpage, article, or source; in other words, do not find an article or photo essay online

and then copy all four pictures from that one source for your project.

The photos can be your own photos, photos you found online, or a combination of both. Please make sure to cite where the

photos came from. Click here for instructions on how to cite and reference photographs in this assignment.

At the end of your photo essay write a paragraph (at least 150 words) discussing the following:

Discuss how social class as a social structure influences the opportunities (life chances) for the individual or individuals

in your photo essay.

Discuss what you learned from the photo essay assignment.

Note: Please make sure to use terms and/or concepts from the textbook in your photo essay explanations or concluding

paragraph. You must cite the textbook at least one time in the project showing how terms or concepts from this week’s unit

were applied.

For this assignment, ensure you follow the requirements below

1. Follow the assignment directions of providing four photos with a 100-word description for each photo and a 150-word

conclusion discussing what you have learned and how social class affects life chances.

2. Use sociological terms and concepts from the textbook reading in your photo description or concluding paragraph to

demonstrate you understand and can apply the concepts.

3. Cite the sources for the photos, the textbook, and any other content used in the photo essay. APA style in-text

citations are required to show how the textbook and other sources were used in your essay. An APA style reference

list containing the sources you cited in the assignment is also required.

The photo essay should use the following APA style components: APA style title page, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, and

12-point font.

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