Levels of Processing

APA Paper Sections NEEDED: Title Page, Abstract, Introduction(2-3 pages), Methods, Results*, Discussion(2-3 pages), References, Table/Graph*

* I will give you those pages for you to place in the paper


Introduction. Here, you introduce the problem to be investigated, comment briefly on the articles you found, and use them to develop a hypothesis for the experiment.

Methods: Includes a statement regarding your experimental participants, materials or apparatus, and procedures.

Results: This section is for your data, which may be displayed numerically, graphically, with tables and with figures. All figures and tables need to be labeled. Narratively describe your data in this section.

Discussion. In this section, you reflect on the results of your study, and interpret your findings in relation to your initial expectations. It is also important to integrate your findings with the topic(s) discussed in the articles for citation. That is, how do your findings relate to what you included about the reading in your Introduction section? You may also need to answer one or more of the discussion questions. This section should include possible sources of error and ideas for future research.

1. The essay is about Levels of Processing.

2. The original class size was 20 college students. Standard Deviation (SD) is 2.91 & Mean age 23.6 (6 males ; 14 females) ages ranged from 21-30 years old.

3.The experiment was done at 2:00pm-2:30pm at a college. The students use the software program CogLab (on the a desktop computer privately in their own room) on Levels of Processing to conduct the experiment.

** I will message you or attach a file about #2

The reference for Coglab is listed right below for citing it within your methods section. Francis, G., & Neath, I. (2007). CogLab on a CD, Version 2.0, 4th Ed. Wadsworth.

I might attach some sources that must be used!

PLEASE READ attached files

Each paragraph must contain 1 source.

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