Letter of Transmittal


These guidelines describe the objectives, work details, and submission requirements for this


Assignment Details

Document types:

Letter of transmittal: 250-300 words

Proposal: 2000–3000 words

For this assignment, you will produce a formal proposal. Your document should propose a

solution to a public health problem and request appropriate support from a funding

organization, or request permission to work to solve the problem if significant resources are not

required by your proposal. If you are writing a grant proposal, you should respond to a formal call

for proposals that has been issued by a funding agent.

Propose a solution that addresses the opioid epidemic, the Flint water crisis, or health

problems associated with industrial agriculture. Focus on implementing your proposed

solution in a specific local community. Identify a partner organization that you can work with

in order to carry out your proposed solution. For example, you could choose to work with a

community organization, a nonprofit organization, a foundation, a business, a club, a team, a

school, a government agency, or a religious institution. A partner organization can help provide

resources, personnel, and access to broader audiences—all of which can help you implement

your proposal.

Letter of Transmittal

Your letter should be directed to the funding organization or decision maker addressed by the

proposal, and should introduce the problem, the proposal, and request action by the organization.


Include the following elements in your Proposal.

Title page. Provide a title page that identifies the project and client.

Page Numbers. Use Arabic numerals with an appropriate footer to number the pages of your document. Do not number the title page.

Executive Summary. A detailed but brief summary of the key points in the proposal, including the final recommendation. (This should not exceed 100 words.)

Table of Contents. This should be self-explanatory. You should include at least your first-level

and second-level headings in your table of contents. Consider using different text styles and

indentation to indicate different levels of information.

List of Tables and List of Figures. The list of figures should be separate from the list of tables. Of course these lists are necessary only if your document contains tables and figures.

Introduction. Introduce the proposal topic and structure.


Problem History. Provide an explanation of the problem, including evidence that there is a

problem, the history and causes of the problem, the effects of the problem, previous attempts to

address it, and any other information that seems pertinent.

Proposed Solution. Discuss in detail the solution that you argue represents the most logical or

effective approach to the problem, given your understanding of the problem, the available

resources, and any other factors that might influence a solution to it. What are the advantages or

benefits of the proposed solution? What are the likely consequences of inaction? Why is your

proposal the best solution to the problem?

Project Plan. Explain clearly and directly what action you propose as a solution to the problem.

What is the primary objective of your project plan? What are the major steps in your project plan?

What are the sub-steps for each major step? Why are the steps and sub-steps needed? What

deliverables (or tangible products) will result from each major step?

Project Timeline. Provide a project timeline. Provide whatever detail is relevant to your proposed

solution. Common stages include research, training, equipment purchases, material preparation,

and facilities construction. Discuss when each milestone will be reached. Consider presenting this

as a table or an outline.

Proposal Budget. Identify all resources (e.g., funds, expertise, time, facilities) required to

complete the project you propose. This should include a summary table of expenses that

provides accurate market value for all resources requested or required.

Project Assessment. Discuss how you will evaluate the success or failure of your proposed

solution. When will this assessment take place? What action will result? Will you engage

independent reviewers for the evaluation? What assessment instruments and criteria will you


Conclusion. Briefly recap your proposed solution, stating directly and clearly why you feel your

plan represents the best possible solution to the problem at this time, including the benefits of

implementing it and the negative consequences of not implementing it.

Bibliographies and In-text Citations for Sources and Graphics. Make sure any sources that

you use—including graphics—are properly cited. Use the APA documentation style for your in-

text citations (including graphics) and bibliography entries. You will not receive passing credit

for your proposal if you do not use complete and accurate in-text citations and

bibliography entries in the proper APA format to identify all of your sources.

Appendices. Provide any additional support materials that are relevant to your efforts. All appendix pages should be numbered.

Hints and Tips

This section provides you with specific guidance for how to make your project successful.

Although the advice may suggest things to do, it might also suggest things not to do. I offer all

such advice after observing both the successes and failures of students. So, keep this advice in

mind as you work.

Argue, persuade. Remember that you are presenting persuasive arguments in this proposal.

You must demonstrate to your audience that you understand the problem, that it is a problem,

and that you understand how to present appropriate evidence to support those arguments. Thus

you must assume that you need to convince your audience of these things.


Offer concrete evidence to support your analysis and solution. Convince your audience that

the issue is a problem. Provide concrete evidence. Use evidence to make sure that your

argument is convincing. Present that evidence to the audience so that it makes sense in the

context of your discussion.

Use appropriate resources throughout. Consider carefully how resources can help you

achieve your goals here. You must provide evidence to support your argument that this problem

exists. But how else might source materials help you? Too often students assume that problems

are self-evident, and fail in that essential step of supporting their arguments. Consider using any

relevant print sources, online sources, public records, government documents, authoritative

sources from industry or the academy, and observations—as well as interviews with

knowledgeable authorities.

Connect the solution to the problem. This sounds logical, perhaps, but proposal writers often

forget to tie their solution back to the arguments they made about the problem itself. Every

effective solution ought to be grounded in the statement of the problem.

Make your organization visible. Use layers of headings, paragraphs, and lists to make your

document accessible and to signal a sense of structure and relative subordination. Effectively use

transitions and apply the design principles of contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity.

Follow proper conventions. Use complete sentences and fully-developed paragraphs for the

body text of your report. Follow the proper conventions of Standard English spelling, punctuation,

and grammar. Use effective transitions, topic sentences, and headings to structure your paper

and to make it accessible. Use a sans serif font for your title and first-level headings. Be sure to

revise and edit your work before you submit it. Be sure to label your report with your name. Use

page numbers with an appropriate footer for your report.

Assignment Submission Requirements

Follow these submission guidelines carefully. Label your project file properly with your first name

and the assignment name.

Submitting the Final Draft

Submit your final draft as a .pdf file using the Assignments tool in Canvas. Be sure that your

bibliography entries include URLs for your online sources. You will not receive passing credit

for your Proposal unless you have complete and accurate in-text citations and

bibliography entries in the proper APA documentation style for all of your sources.

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