Lesson Three Discussion

Lesson Three Activities Directions

After reading the required text, Chapter 3 called “Basic Psychopharmacology” and read the articles/chapters on the following pages, MIT, and explore the links and videos on the following pages, please complete the discussion questions. Also, the Kirkwood narrated PowerPoint might be a little glitchy – do your best and get out of it what you can!

The Brain—Lesson 2—How Neurotransmission Works

Pharmacokinetics 1 – Introduction


2-Minute Neuroscience: Action Potential

Lesson 3 Discussion: Questions, questions, questions

After completing the text reading and activities for this Lesson, share with your peers:

  1. what questions you are left with?
  2. What do you really wish you understood better?   
  3. What questions do your clients and families might have about medication use, therapeutic effects, side effects, efficacy or any other topic, if exposed to this content?  
  4. What specific information was most helpful or interesting and why?

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