Legislative Events and Issues

Assessment Description
Having a historical perspective of the court cases, laws, and mandates that have shaped English language instruction policy enables teachers to understand the necessity for addressing the learning needs of English language learners (ELLs).

Complete the “Legislative Events and Issues” template (100-150 words per section) to explain each of the following and discuss how knowledge of them will affect your future professional practice.

How the following legal cases have affected the policies and laws governing language instruction in Arizona: Lau v. Nichols, Castaneda v. Pickard, Flores v. Arizona, and Plyler v. Doe.
How the following federal laws and requirements have affected accountability, assessment, funding, and identification in ELL education in Arizona: Every Student Succeeds Acts (ESSA), Title III, Title VI, and Office for Civil Rights/Department of Justice resolutions.
How the following state laws and policies have affected language acquisition methodology, student grouping, and the time frame to achieve language proficiency: Proposition 203, House Bill 2010, House Bill 2064, SB1014, and Move On When Reading.
Two current societal trends and issues in the education of ELLs.

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