Legal Structures of a Business

1 In this project, you will be called upon to research the possible legal structures and organizational structures for a business that will produce solar energy–fueled chargers that will charge a variety of products on the go. As you consider starting your own company, you’ll make a determination about which structures will work best.

2 Now that you have read a broad overview of new business creation and management, you recognize that the next step in creating your new business is to decide on one of the many legal forms of business you will use to form your new company. You want to show the investors that you really know your stuff, so you decide to select three forms of business to analyze and you’ll explain in your presentation why the option you chose is the best for your new venture.

3 I’m glad you finalized your decisions on the legal form for the new business. Now we need to decide on the organization structure and design that would work best for our goals. We need to determine what departments the organization will need, who will report to whom, how many levels we will have in our organization’s hierarchy, and how many individuals will report to each manager (span of control).
4 We really need a structure that will promote communication and coordination of efforts across the entire organization. We also need to consider whether or not we should be outsourcing the HR function.
5 After formulating your thoughts, you may also need to do some additional research on the web and in the library to enhance your knowledge for this presentation.
Thanks for all you’re doing to make this business a reality. Good luck in your final prep for the presentation.

6 Using the information you gathered from your reading and research, you now are ready to prepare a narrated PowerPoint. Because you want to record yourself and critique your own work, it should follow the form of asynchronous presentations. After doing some research, you find that the best presentations are organized by using the following guidelines:
• Tailor your presentation to suit the audience.
• Include a title slide, with your name on it, introducing the presentation.
• Include only the major bullet points for each issue on the presentation slides.
• Include no more than 15 slides (not counting title page or references list).
• Cover all the elements of your plan as outlined in Step 1.
• Use your narration to provide the supporting rationale for each major bullet point.
• Include a script of your narration in the Notes section of PowerPoint.
• Include a clear summary of your major conclusions and any recommendations on the conclusion slide.

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