Legacy Migration

Legacy migration has been classified into well defined interfaces, applications, and database services. For legacy migration, user and system interfaces are separate modules, at the same time applications and database services are not separable. Legacy migration strategies are easy to apply, fast to implement, and can be widely applied to industry software projects. An important issue of this systemis that it is very difficult to incorporate with newer system such as open source operating systems as having of non-extensibility, incompatibility, and less- openness of the underlying hardware and software of the legacy systems
Legacy migration life cycle includes the following procedures:

• Before Migration : Plan, assess and prepare
Assess hardware, software and network readiness and plan for future
Clean up by eliminating useless data,
consolidating resources, monitoring everything
• During Migration : Prototype, pilot and deploy migration
Use powerful database modeling to simulate migration, resolving issues before commit. Track migration
• After migration : Maintain and manage new environment

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