Learning Styles

The reflection allows you to insightfully research and reflect on your thoughts to a topic. For this activity – your task is to critically examine the debate about learning styles (do they exist or not?) and address the following questions in a in-depth reflective essay. Be sure to cite information in the text and/or other resources (links, etc) that support your responses to the topic.
There is a lot of debate and discussion on learning styles. After reviewing the supplemental videos/articles in the module, address the following questions:

  1. Why does the concept of learning styles persist in education?
  2. Are there any benefits to adopting this view of learning styles?
  3. Could adopting this view be a detriment to learning?
  4. What is your overall belief about learning styles?

Here is an example statement that incorporates research from the text to support my rationale about learning styles.
There is a huge debate between educational psychologists as to whether or not learning styles is a real phenomena. Some think that learning styles is indeed a legit concept. Others proclaim that learning styles leads to learned helplessness in which it could cause learned helplessness (Hoy, 2016, p. 142).

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