Learner-Centered Course: Financial literacy

For this assignment, choose a topic you would like to develop a course around. Outline the

rationale for the course subject or theme, frame a brief overview of the key content, knowledge

and skills to be learned and state the major learning strategies and activities that students will


Next, design and present the measurable learning outcomes, consistent with

accreditation standards, and proceed two develop two meaningful assessments that will allow

both you and your student to determine their level of knowledge and mastery of the content.

Attach a grading rubric to the assignments.

● What is the purpose or rationale for the course or subject area covered? Financial literacy

● What are the key content, principles, topics to be learned?

  1. Saving money (emergency savings, major purchases, retirement)
  2. Budgeting and spending (methods, best practices, psychology)
  3. Debt management (refinancing, becoming debt-free, understanding credit products)

● Describe the types of major learning activities and student experiences in the

course (case study, group discussions, etc.) Basic financial information and key concepts. Worksheets to help you manage your own finances. Calculators help you compare different financial products and find out what is best for you.

● What are the learning strategies that would be utilized in this course?

● How will you measure knowledge or content mastery through assignments?

● How will a Learner-Centered approach be used in the course?

● How will you consider inclusive, anti-racist strategies in your description, outcomes

and assignments?

● How will you consider DEIPAR framework specifically?

● How will your student know what needs to go into an assignment, how long it needs

to be and what they will be graded on?   Classes one hour and half a week/Six Week Class

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