Lean Model

Find out 2 issues in New Zealand based organization and use six sigma and lean model into that and find solutions for that use fishbond method for finding out problem.

Learning outcomes-

The purpose of this assessment enables the learner to apply business processes and framework to structure organizational approaches for process-centric changes (LO 1), illustrate and evaluate the process of designing and developing a business process management solution (LO 2), and configure, develop, and manage improved business processes that require organizational redesign and apply measures and benchmarks for business processes (LO 3).

Assessment Guidelines-

This is an individual project-based assessment for a real New Zealand based organization and should be presented as a project report, suitable for presenting to an organizations managers.

It should be structured with an introduction, body and conclusion including recommendations.

  1. Choose a New Zealand based organization and one that you are preferably familiar with so you can ensure there is enough data and information available for you to do this assignment.

  2. Identify and evaluate at least TWO (2) issues with the organizations processes for business improvement, development and/or change and outline why it is not delivering the desired results.

  3. Apply the business processes and frameworks you have learnt on this course to demonstrate how you would go about using them to structure the organizations approach for process-centric change.

  4. Discuss how you would go about illustrating and evaluating the process of designing and developing a business process management solution.

  5. Using the TWO (2) issues identified, redesign, configure and develop an improved business process management solution for each of the issues.

  6. Discuss how you would manage these improved business processes and ensure that they are effective through the use of performance measures and benchmarks.

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