Leading Change

You are required to write a reflective paper (using first person writing) clearly articulating your stance on change management and the role responsible leaders AND employees play in creating a sustainable process of change that is designed to win both hearts and minds.

You are required to critically reflect on your attitude towards change and your approach to leading change intiatives. You should also critically reflect on how the concepts covered during this module have informed, shaped, or changed your thinking (and citations and references are required to get a good grade).

It is expected that the paper will go beyond a mere description of any of the theoretical models covered, to incorporate a critical reflection on your personal relationship to change. Specifically, you are required to highlight interpersonal and public leadership capabilities that are essential for you to play a more positive role in and for a specific change you wish to achieve in your own work or student context. A strong response will also incorporate practical actions you will take to further develop your change leadership practice.

The paper must be in Word format with a maximum of 2,000 words, excluding a min of 5 references and cover page. Size 12 font Arial. References should cited and referenced using
APA 7 format.

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