Leadership Conference’s

The third extra credit assignment is watching the movie, Selma, which was released in 2014. The movie covers the 1965 Southern Christian Leadership Conference’s march from Selma, AL to Montgomery, AL to register Black voters. As a result of these actions, the Civil Rights Act was passed that same year in 1965. Students can compare that movement’s struggles of passing voting rights with the current voting issues of today. For example, one issue today is voting restrictions. States like Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, Wisconsin, Alabama, Kansas, North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee, have all enacted voter ID laws to repeal Black people and minorities from voting in future elections. These voter ID laws were enacted back in 2011.

Due to the high number of African American and minority voters during the 2004 and 2008 elections, certain States recognized a pattern in voting. States where there was high voter turn outs (mainly African American and minority voters) started implementing new strategies to prevent this voting trend from occurring again for the following elections. Another issue worthy of examination is the Supreme Court’s Ruling of 2013 where there was a 5-4 ruling regarding the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The Justices in favor of the majority ruling decided that certain States’ voting policies no longer needed to be monitored so federal supervision was no longer needed. How does this type of political and judicial behavior set us back as a Nation considering all of the great sacrifices made with the passing of the Civil Rights Voting Act of 1965? Issue like these can be covered and explored in your essay for this extra credit assignment.

The seventh extra credit assignment is a documentary called “13th” that was produced by director Ava DuVernay which examines racial injustice, slavery and it’s connection to the Prison Industrial Complex of today. The documentary was released September 30, 2016. This documentary can be viewed on Netflix.

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