Leadership and Managers in Healthcare

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  1. Enter your name and date at the top of this template.
  2. Choose one, impactful leader you want to interview and meet with them personally or via email in order to answer the questions in the table below.  Be sure to summarize their answers in the table and reconnect with the nurse leader to review their responses and ask any follow up questions, if needed.
  3. Answer the remaining questions on this template and give specific examples/rationale as directed.
  4. Upload the completed template to the Canvas assignment link by the due date/time.


1. Apply theory and research knowledge in the formulation and evaluation of nursing leadership and management styles and actions. 

2. Apply concepts of professionalism, organizational culture, and health care delivery systems to nurse roles in interdisciplinary practice.

3. Show reflective evidence of increasing role awareness in holistic caring practice.

4. Evaluate nurse leader and manager strategies for providing confidential and secure patient care technology.

5. Evaluate nurse leader roles in shaping future health care policy through individual action and professional organization participation.

6. Evaluate nursing leader and manager actions according to laws and standards (NPA, TBON rules and standards, ANA Code of Ethics).


Questions for Nurse LeadersName: Title:
How long have you been in your role? 
What type of leader would you classify yourself as (e.g. servant, transformational, transactional, etc.) 
What do you identify as your top 2-3 strengths as a leader? 
What are 1-2 areas of opportunity (blind-spots) for you as a leader? 
As a leader what is your biggest concern about quality and safety? 
What are your greatest challenges/barriers as a leader in your organization? 
How do you remain up-to-date on current professional practice guidelines? 
What legal/ethical issues do you face as a leader? 
What advice would you give to aspiring leaders in healthcare today? 
What is the most rewarding part of your role? 

After completing the interview, answer the following questions in detail.  Use your Yoder-Wise text as needed for information and detail on terms, etc.

  1. In reviewing leadership styles, what do you see as the most desired style of leadership?  In relationship to your Top 5 Strengths, describe 2-3 specific characteristics that support your leadership style and give a specific example of how you demonstrate these characteristics in your current role.
  • Provide paraphrased content and ONE citation from our Yoder-Wise text that supports your predominant leadership style.  Use correct APA format for both in-text and reference list citations.
  • Our text discusses the concept of being a follower in detail.  Provide a specific example of how you are a follower in your current work setting?
  • Provide paraphrased content and ONE citation from our Yoder-Wise text that supports your role as follower.  Use correct APA format for both in-text and reference list citations.
  • Why do you think it is important to not only focus on leadership strengths, but also areas of opportunity?  What are 1-2 areas of opportunity for yourself as a leader and how to you plan to address these blind-spots?

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