Leaders Personality Trait

Question 1

The class discussion question needs to be answer with at least 150 words with example.  If not please cite in text with reference, No plagiarism please. Doesn’t need a title page.

Class: Some of you pointed out that people might be reluctant to follow leaders with certain personality characteristics. Do the personalities of the individuals being led make them more or less compatible with the different personality traits of leaders? Should leaders try to adjust their behaviors to make themselves more compatible with their employee.

Question 2

Discuss influencing strategies or tactics that can be used to influence others and which ones you have used effectively in the past. Why were they effective?

Question 3

How does ethical climate impact the behavior of people in organizations?

Question 4

write in original form leadership issues u have at work and how u worked to solved them? How these problems relate to leadership. Please no Internet copy or course hero.

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