Last Phrase

Question 1

As you discussed in the last phase, there are a number of reasons why we write in law enforcement. As important as why we write is what we write and how what we write impacts the reader. For this discussion board, you are to discuss how what we write reflects upon you as the writer.

  • Identify and describe at least 5 characteristics about you for which a reader may form an impression based on your writing.
  • For each characteristic, discuss how the quality of your writing could negatively or positively impact the reader’s opinion of you as the writer.

400-600 words

2 references

Question 2

From the first e-Activity, compare and contrast the two (2) community crime prevention programs researched from the Crime Solutions gov website. Justify your response. First e- Activity Read article entitled “Proactive Patrolling through the Use of Patrol Script”from the second e-Activity, examine the key contributions that Bertilon, Vollmer, and Locard made to the development of criminal investigation. Determine which of the three (3) had the most significant contribution to the development of criminal investigation. Justify your response using (1) example from independent research. e-Activity Go to the Crime Solutions, Community Crime Prevention Strategies section, and choose and review two (2) of the community crime prevention programs profiled in this section. Use the internet or library to research articles on the origins of criminalistics and take notes on contributions of Bertilon, Locard, and Bolmer.


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