Language Development


CH 9:

  • Imagine you had the opportunity to create the ‘perfect’ environment for learning language in infancy (language development as a whole from prenatal-3 years). Discuss what this environment would include (5 points). Give at least 5 examples from the course (lecture/text/eLearning) that support the how the environment you created is beneficial. (1 point each, 5 points).Discuss why EACH example is beneficial for language development in infancy. (2 points each – 10 points).
  • Define Infant-Directed Speech (IDS) (2 points).Discuss at least 3 ways that adults adapt their speech to meet the communication needs of infants (the ways IDS is different) (6 points, 2 points each.). Discuss Fernald’s three proposed functions of IDS) (6 points, 2 points each).Briefly summarize  and discuss one RESEARCH example from the course that is related to IDS. (6 points).
  • Discuss at least 3 ways that environmental influences have been shown to impact language development in infancy. (9 points, 3 points each).Each example should also include a discussion of a research example that supports its impact. (9 points – 3 points each).Answers should also include a summary statement of how nature AND nature contribute to language development (2 points)

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