Labour Economics

Question 1

Answer each of the following questions in full sentences. Use a graph if it helps with your explanation.

Define and explain Frictional, Structural and Cyclical unemployment.

Explain the difference between a Normative and a Positive statement. Why is this important?

Explain the basic Consumption – Leisure choice model.

Explain the importance of the slope and the curvature of the isoquant on a graph measuring pairs of capital and labour.

Show and explain the difference in the wage – dirt curve when there are identical workers and identical firms.

Question 2

The sharing economy is largely split between capitalist (Airbnb) and gift (Khan academy) organizations. Which model has the greatest potential to grow as the standard platform?

Question 3

1. Watch the “Free or Equal” video (Free to Choose TV) in its entirety (questions from the video may appear on the final exam): (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. 2. Write and submit online through Canvas a three paragraph response and/or critique of the video, focusing in particular on the economic concepts and arguments presented in the video.

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