L100 Exam Question

Administrative Instructions:  This is your end-of-block exam for L100.  The purpose of this assessment is for you to demonstrate your achievement of the TLO for L100, which is:  “Synthesize organizational level leadership concepts used to lead in developing organizations.”  This exam is based on the 4th Armor Brigade Combat Team (ABCT) case study and the L100 learning objectives.  The L100 exam case study is available to you in a separate document.  You will answer the exam question listed below from the perspective of the new brigade commander, LTC (P) Christopher Sanborn.   

You will synthesize the organizational-level leadership processes you learned from the L100 lessons (specifically L101-L109) and apply them to a problem.  The assessment rubric for the exam is listed below on page two and provides the grading criteria for the exam question.  Ensure you address the specified criteria when formulating your response.  Ensure you write your response as an essay. 

The L100 exam requires you to write your essay in first person to take personal credit for your leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities.  Your answer will be no less than four (4) pages and no more than five (5) pages in length (double-spaced, using 12-point Arial font, and one-inch margins).  Your completed essay is due at the end of the block after lesson L111.  The L100 exam is worth 60% of your L100 block grade. 

In addition to the case study, you MUST integrate concepts from L100 into your responses.   Specifically, you should  use some of the models or theories discussed in L100 as you answer your exam.  However, do NOT regurgitate the process or model; instead, explain how you will use the process or model applied to the exam case study.  Finally, you do not have to submit aCGSC Form 1009w writing evaluation for this assignment. 


Always cite your sources.  If something is not your original thought, you need to cite your source using either footnotes or endnotes IAW the Turabian style of documentation; do not use parenthetical citations.  This includes direct quotations, paraphrases, and summaries of the assigned readings, doctrinal references, or outside sources.  You may use the L100 computer-based instruction (CBI), readings, and reference materials to help you prepare your assignment.   You also may use ST 22-2 as a reference for writing.   

Note: Save L100 Exam using the following file naming convention per ST 22-2 (p. 18):



What is the critical leadership problem facing the 4th ABCT and how will you use the processes and concepts from L100 to improve the ABCT and achieve your vision?  Clearly and comprehensively explain, defend, and justify your answers.

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