Knowledge About Wound Care Practices

One of the most memorable moments during my time at DFC was the opportunity to shadow and assist in wound care. Working alongside a Nurse Practitioner who was an expert in wound care was a privilege, and I gained a wealth of knowledge about wound care practices and the reasoning behind the treatment orders given. This hands-on experience allowed me to apply the information I had learned from Sherpath assignments, bridging the gap between theory and practical application. Despite having been away from bedside nursing for over a decade, I realized that my head-to-toe assessment skills had become rusty, prompting me to dedicate time to practice and regain confidence in this essential nursing skill. Utilizing resources such as textbooks and webinars, I aim to better prepare myself for future clinical rotations. Stepping into my first clinical rotation, I felt a sense of unease and uncertainty, but the supportive and nurturing guidance provided by all our clinical instructors, especially Professor Valencia, instilled in me a newfound confidence. Reflecting on this transformative experience, I am excited about the growth and learning opportunities that lie ahead in the next semester.

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