Keystone Assignment

Keystone Assignment

Your Keystone Assignment relates to chapter 11, “International Human Resources Management” from the textbook “Multinational Management” by:

Cigna-NFTC Survey Indicates Expatriates Want More from Their Employers. (2013, December 5). Health & Beauty Close-Up., designed to reinforce the course’s learning objectives, and in conjunction with the final exam will provide a measure of your material’s knowledge and critical thinking skills.

This case discusses a recent survey conducted to uncover some of the challenges facing expatriates as they go on international assignments. The report emphasizes the gap between what multinationals offer to their expatriates and what these expatriates perceived as missing.


*Your case study analysis will require you to complete the reading for Chapter 11, “International Human Resources Management” from the textbook “Multinational Management”

*Download your pdf file that contains your case assignment

*Write at least 3-page paper in answering the following three (3) questions:

– Why is it so costly to employ expatriates in other countries? What are some of the major costs associated with expatriates?

– What are some important trends revealed by this survey? How do these trends compare to the report conducted in 2001?

– If you were the HR manager for a multinational, what would be your recommendations as to how to improve services offered to expatriates?

*Included on your paper conduct research via STATISTA database that is related to a “remuneration package” to a local employee’s salary in a region or country of choice as an example Latin America (Brazil, Chile Argentina) Europe (France, Italy, Germany, Spain).

*Your summary writing content must be in an APA format.

*Your work must be properly cited APA format.

*Write original, do not paraphrase in more than 30% of your content.

*The paper will be submitted via “SafeAssign”

*It is required to cite your textbook and STATISTA

*Review the rubrics that you will be graded on.


APA Formatting (margins, line spacing, font style and pitch size, running head, page numbering, paragraphs indents, reference page, referencing, in-text referencing, references hanging indents) = 3
Relevant content = 2
Originality Report (No less than 70%) = 3
Text Volume (3 full pages of writing) = 3
Sources of reference (textbook, plus STATISTA) = 4
TOTAL = 15

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