Key Risk Areas


Q1. Recognize the three key risk areas that need to be considered if the University of Bolton aims to grow internationally at the rate of 500 new students per year. Explain each of these risk areas.

Q2. Identify the role of Service Oriented Architecture in this case study and how introducing in the current scenario could solve some of issues faced by the university.

Q3. Evaluating the current IT solutions adopted by the university, develop a small plan to achieve business continuity in the event of a natural disaster.

Q4. Design the As-Is state of the university for the phases C and D of the TOGAF ADM lifecycle and show what technological solutions are currently in place and how they interact or do not interact with each other.

Q5. The group submits the assignment before the stated deadline

Q6. The student demonstrates the ability to work in a team and fulfil assigned tasks. To demonstrate this, students need to include a table at the start of the assignment solution sheet showing each student’s contribution.

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