Key Remarks

Question 1

Write a Comparative Essay for the novel- Slaughter House and the Things They Carried

The topic must be the use of “Children’s Perspective” used in both books. E.g., What’s the purpose and effect of using the the children’s perspective in narrating the war book? What characters and literary devices are used in the book to reach the effect?

The 5% of the essay should focus on the introduction

The 50% of the essay must talk about the children’s perspective on Slaughter house

The 45% should compare Things They Carried with the Slaughter House of their children’s perspective

The 5% should be conclusion

The essay should be at least 1500 words.

Question 2

Discuss how the prologue and tale in the narrative, The wife of Bath,  is or is not characteristic of the feminist school of thought.

-support your argument with at least 3 scholarly works with a feminist critique,

-give examples of key remarks the wife of bath makes to inform us of her views, and the pages/lines where we can identify them

-follow MLA format

-5 paragraphs


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