Key Players

Review this week’s readings and resources, especially Ch. 11 of Career Counseling: Holism, Diversity, and Strengths.

Create a career-focused genogram. You may use the Free Genogram Maker  or another tool of your choice to create your genogram and export it as an image to include in your final product.

Write your career autobiography.

Reflect on your earliest memories and thoughts about career through your present-day work experiences.

Summarize the moments you feel were essential in developing your career path.

Consider the following questions:

  • Who were key players?
  • What situations propelled you in the direction you followed?
  • How did you develop interest and skills for your area?
  • How did you make decisions?
  • Who or what situations influenced your options and choices?

Analyze your career path using at least 3 of the theories covered in the texts or in other readings or materials you have sought out.

Click the Submit Assignment link in the upper-right corner to upload your assignment as an 8- to 10-page Microsoft Word document.

please include genogram on the first page and then the formatted paper 8 pages is fine with me i just want to reach the requirements

books for this assignment includes :

  • Career Theory & Practice: Learning through Case Studies, Ch. 9–11
  • Career Counseling: Holism, Diversity, and Strengths, Ch. 11
  • Foley, P. F., & Lytle, M. C. (June 2015). Social cognitive career theory, the theory of work adjustment, and work satisfaction of retirement-age adults. Journal of Career Development 42, 199–214.

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