Juvenile Delinquency

What is the best approach for delinquency prevention and intervention?
•How would a program to address this be designed ?
• Be sure to draw from the theoretical perspectives of
delinquency causation (Chapter 4).
• Feel free to address the legal rights of juveniles when designing this program

•This is not a research paper and you will
NOT need to perform outside library and database research.
However, you must provide examples from the readings to support your answer.
You may draw from the following class readings

Whitehead J.T. and S. P. Lab. 2015. Juvenile Justice: An Introduction.8th Edition. Routledge.

-Church et al. 2009. “What Do You Mean My Child Is in Custody? A Qualitative Study of Parental Response to the Detention of Their Child”. Journal of Family
Social Work

-American Civil Liberties Union. “Locating the School to Prison Pipeline”.

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