Journal Synthesis Assignment

  1. This type of reflection conveys what you learned. Therefore, relate what you learned of significance. Do not summarize the textbook! 
  • Undergraduates summarize the works of others. Masters synthesize.
    • Separate your thoughts to help follow your thinking: indenting the paragraphs or putting a blank line between them.
    • The length of an entire Microsoft Word document should be one to five pages. More is too much effort; less understates what is reasonable.
    • If you learned nothing to record within an area, list the heading followed by a paragraph of what you expected.
    • The electronic file uploaded to Blackboard should include last name, assignment title, and course: Flor Journal Assignment #2 MBE 570.

Structure the journal as follows:

·       Vocabulary (one-page maximum)

List terms or ideas that were new to you or gained new insight during the period. Create your definition of 1-2 sentences maximum.

·       Analysis (one-page maximum)

Declare in short phrases or sentences ideas you encountered that confirmed your previous understandings or generated new ones. Be honest, even if your thoughts are somewhat negative. Then, please explain what you learned: how you think about it and how you feel about it.

·       Action Plan (no page limit)

Explain personal strengths, weaknesses, or plans for personal growth resulting from understandings covered during the week. Reflect based on what you learned. Be specific. Include an implementation schedule when you will begin to incorporate the growth; it could be a week, a month, a year after the class, or when you have graduated.

·       References (one-page maximum)

List resources you accessed this week, especially sources beyond the required text. These might include articles, books, documentaries, popular press materials, or other items you found that helped your learning.

Compose these in a consistent APA format—with a short annotation of the value you perceive each item provides.

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