Service-User-Led Approach

You work for a community mental health charity, seeking to reduce the levels of depression in the locality, where there are high levels of unemployment and poverty. The local authority and health providers are reviewing their ‘health and wellbeing strategy in the light of concerns about levels of depression suffered by adults of working age. The local authority have set up an initiative that will promote the work of innovative organisations that seek to address these problems.

Your organisation takes a service user-led, collaborative approach, meaning that all services are co-produced with people who have experience of using mental health services. Both professionals and service users are represented in the leadership of the service.

Write a report that provides a justification for the mental health interventions delivered by an organisation that seeks to improve the levels of mental health within a community (as described in the hypothetical scenario provided in the next section). Your report should be suitable for reading by a non-academic audience.

In this section should provide a **justification** for why your charity takes a service user-led approach and what can be gained from this way of working. A good answer will **show critical awareness** of the **significance** of the service-user movement and some of the key criticisms that have been made of mental health service delivery. It will include awareness of the **ethical and practical advantages** of service-user involvement alongside some of **the potential obstacles and difficulties** that can be encountered.

Please use only the materials provided!

Please use ONE externally cite sources!

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