Job Offer

This week we will be focusing on deciding on the final hire, developing and issuing a job offer, and negotiating terms of the contract.


    1. The Job Offer Letter – Read the McDonald’s vignette in Strategic Exercise #1 on page 324 of your textbook(I will attach below). Carefully think about what should be included in the offer letter based on what you are trying to achieve. Then, using the information from the “Intro to Week Six Video” and Chapter 11 in your textbook, complete the following:
    1. Describe the goals of the offer letter based on the vignette and what you know of McDonald’s.
    2. Develop a comprehensive, well-written offer letter for Pat Edwards that incorporates all necessary job offer components, benefits,compensation,starting date and duration of contact that was discussed in the intro video (including an employment-at-will clause) that meets the hiring goals.
      • Not only do you need to be sure that the letter contains all of the necessary information, but it must also be in the correct professional format.

2. Read the case study “Hiring FBI Agents” on page 325 of your textbook.

  1. Thoroughly address the three questions at the end of the case (page 325.)
  2. If you were a consultant, how would you suggest the FBI improve their process? (As this is a graduate level course, this will take some thought, development and support, not just one or two sentences.


  • The Body of the paper should be approximately 5-7 pages in length. All answers should be thorough and well-thought out. Remember, this is a graduate-level course and you will be graded accordingly.
  • Papers should show knowledge of the material from this week’s module and demonstrate the ability to synthesize the theory (not just repeat it back.).
  • Papers should be in 12 pt. (Arial, Times Roman) and doubled space with one-inch margins. Indent paragraphs (do not skip lines between them!
  • Answers should be written in APA format. Use headings and subheadings (in APA format) to delineate questions and part of questions. Do not repeat the questions or number them.
  • All papers should have page numbers with the body of the paper not the coversheet,(Include a mock cover sheet) beginning on page one.
  • Papers will also be graded on grammar, spelling, and appropriate APA formatting (headings, subheadings, paragraphs, page numbers, etc.). These are formal papers and should be written as such. Do not use contractions (isn’t, can’t) and write out single-digit numbers (six, rather than 6). Proofread your work carefully!
  • mI will attach page 325 and 324 below please reference these pages i will provide info below shortly

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