Job Analysis Project

LeoTech is a growing software company that has taken off in the past few years. They started only 5 years ago in a garage in Central Florida and are now up to 65 full-time employees, revenues of $500 million, and an anticipated IPO in the next year. They’re growing by leaps and bounds!

The problem: they’re growing out of control. The owner, president and CEO, Fritz DeLeon has hired family, friends, and friends of friends whom he trusted, and never really had time to spend on formal job analysis or job descriptions. Now that the company is getting bigger, people are getting confused about who has which responsibilities. He is also starting to hire more people he doesn’t know very well, and it can be tough to ensure they understand exactly what is expected of them when they are hired (other than a few sentences he jots down on an employment agreement).

Fritz has contracted with you to do some job analysis and create some job descriptions for LeoTech. Your task is to choose TWO from his priority list of job titles, describe your plan to conduct job analysis for each job title, and provide a job description for each job title. You will find it useful to discuss what type of job analysis you would conduct, what resources (including SMEs) you would include, and what methods you would use to collect information. It may also be useful to compare/contrast your plans for job analysis since you must choose TWO different job titles.

Job Titles @ LeoTech for Job Analysis Project (numbers in parentheses indicate how many are currently employed at LeoTech):

Customer Support Specialist (10)          

Customer Support Manager (1)

Program Developer (25)                         

Sales Account Manager (1)

Senior Program Developer (4)                

Software Quality Analyst (6) Sales Account Specialist (8) Expect to take approximately 4-6 pages (double-spaced, 12-point font) to complete this assignment, including your description of the job analysis plans and the job descriptions. Please note that your job descriptions do not need to be double spaced and should follow an outline or bullet format similar to the example on p. 140 of your textbook

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