IT Services

You are an IT consulting Team, providing IT and security services to local businesses.
The Products Testing Corporation is looking for a company to provide a Disaster Recovery/Backup Plan for the corporation. They are not looking for pricing at this point; they want to see various plans and evaluate which one will best meet their needs. This corporation contracts to test consumer products, investigate complaints about products, and certify consumer products. The corporations handle numerous legal files, patents, graphics files, as well as computing and statistical software. Prepare a proposal for this task.

  1. In your presentation show all the possible types of scenarios that would make disaster recovery necessary.
  2. Research principles and methods of backup for company data, and methods of recovery.
  3. Would you use software? Would you use third party services? Explain these in the presentation.
  4. What would be your response time?
    5.. Is there anything that could not be backed up or recovered?

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