Issues in Business Ethics

Choose Your Topic
Choose and identify any topic related to an issue in business ethics (rubric criteria 1). With your
chosen topic, you will apply ethical perspectives and concepts (rubric criteria 2) to write a research paper in which you assess the long-term social, legal, and ethical implications of management initiatives within that field (SLO3). In your paper, you will need to address the main objections to your thesis and defend your thesis against those objections (rubric criteria 3).

You may find ideas for your topic by searching the chapters and topics in our textbook, by searching online, or by searching in the Hofheimer library for current topics related to business ethics. I will be happy to answer any questions as you are searching and deciding.
Paper Format
• Length: Your paper should be between 4000 to 8000 words (roughly between 7-15 pages) and should be written using Times New Roman 12 font.
• Sources: At least 7 current (less than 3 years old) sources are required. Primary sources such as scholarly articles found in the Hofheimer library are the best support for your paper. It is acceptable to use articles found online in magazines such as Forbes or Time, if balanced with scholarly, peer reviewed articles. Blogs found online are generally not a reliable source, but in some contexts can provide anecdotal support. Use opinion-based, unreviewed sources sparingly.

The milestone assignment in Module 4 will give you an opportunity to submit your tentative sources for approval.
• Cover Page: Should be according to the style you choose to use (I prefer APA).
• Referencing/Citations/Style: You can use any style guide for writing research papers, but I prefer APA. The Purdue OWL has a sample paper for APA, MLA, and Chicago styles.
• Abstract: The abstract should be 150-250 words. Check your style guide for specific rules.
• Pagination: Paginate your paper according to the style you choose.
• Organization and General Appearance: Use headings and subheadings to help organize your paper. Refer to a sample paper in the style you choose for specific instructions on headings and subheadings.
• Bibliography: Your bibliography begins on a new page after your conclusion. Consult your style manual for the rules of presenting your bibliography.

• Spelling, Typos, and Grammar: Proofread your paper several times in addition to running a spell-check and grammar-check.
• Plagiarism: Remember that copying material from a source and not giving credit to it is considered plagiarism. If in doubt, check your style manual or the Purdue OWL for rules. When you are reflecting on a personal experience in your paper, begin with something like “In my opinion…” or “Based on my experience…” or “At my place of work…” so that I know you don’t need to show me a source. Your Summary and Conclusions section will need to show your sources even if you cited them previously.

Research Paper Milestone Assignments

For details regarding each milestone assignment, see the instructions in Blackboard.
• Module 2 – your research paper topic is due. There will be several questions to answer about your topic.
• Module 3 – your research paper outline is due
• Module 4 – your research paper tentative bibliography is due (at least 7 references)
• Module 6 – your abstract (or your introduction if you prefer to write your abstract after the
paper is completed) is due
• Module 7 – your research paper is due and 2-3 PowerPoint slides for the research paper discussion is due.

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