Introduction to Dissertation

Introduction to Dissertation. Research topic is High School Minority Dropouts in New York City. This paper needs to quote the statistics on the new yorK city high school dropout rate from the NYC department of education. It should show how the drop out rate for minorities has decreased however there still is a drastic gap amongst minorities (blacks and hispanics) compared to non hispanics. Its needs to provide an outlines to the literation review which is: Chapter 2 of my dissertation. My research topic is High School Minority Dropouts. It is based on theorist John Ogbu’s theoretical framework called Cultural Ecology theory of academic disengagement. This theorist suggest two factors for academic disengagement, I wanna focus on his community forces which states minorities are disengaged due to factors such as peer pressure, socio economic status, family structure, language barriers etc. i would like a literature review based on his theory and its impact on minorities (black and hispanics) within nyc decision to drop out of high school.

This should include all of the features of a chapter one dissertation intro such as context and background, rationale and significance, research problem and research question (which i can provide). Theoretical framework, subsections based on above community forces, applying theory to study.

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