Intro to Psychology Lab: Correlational Research Lab Assignment

Read through the following article:

Please take the coming week to address the following questions for our lab assignment due by the start of next week’s lab:

  1. What is your major and what is your current intended career path? Marketing, and ideally, I’d like to do some kind of advertising or marketing research for a non-for profit company that puts good out into the world (like Planned Parenthood, the Human Rights Campaign, The Trevor Project, etc.
  2. Please identity 3 variables that you predict are correlated (either positively or negatively) with success in your major and career path
    1. For each variable, state whether you think it is positively or negatively correlated with success, and please explain why you predict that relationship
    1. For each variable, please also discuss what steps you can take to improve on that variable to help you be successful on your path

This assignment should take roughly 500-750 words, and I encourage specifics!

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