Interviewing Techniques

Question 1

Students will critique (not describe) an online substance-use interview. Your critique will be based on information and interviewing techniques provided via online tutorial activities and other materials available on the Moodle site.
You are to provide a written critique of an online substance-use interview (a link to this will be provided via the Moodle site in the ‘assessment 1’ folder). Your critique in essay format is to include the following sections:
Exploration of the way in which the interviewer’s initial contact with the person occurred:
•  Examination of the levels of rapport and respect established by the interviewer;
•  The degree to which the interviewer addressed the person’s readiness to change their behavior/s;
•  The extent to which the interviewer identified the impact of lifestyle and substance use on the person’s health;
•The extent to which the interviewer identified stresses related to the person’s substance use and lifestyle;
• The overall level of engagement between the person and interviewer throughout the interview;
•The manner to which the interview was concluded.
Headings are to be used in your essay to identify each section. As part of your essay, you are to explain and justify your answers (citing appropriate literature).

Question 2

Indigenous cultural practices differ significantly to those of other cultures as a nurse working in a palliative setting. The essay should explore the cultural practices, beliefs and traditions of indigenous people in relation to death and dying and demonstrates an understanding of culturally sensitive nursing care in a palliative setting.

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