Here are some items that she wants us to include in the essay,

• What about the information you learned surprised you?
• What are the similarities between the two cultures?
• Are there shared values or traditions?
• What cultural differences surprised you?
• What is the root of those differences or the causes of those differences?
• Does one culture have legal, social, cultural privileges that the other does not?
• What might be the reason behind these differences?
• How do you feel about these issues

Facts about me:
My race consist of Mexican (both parents). My dad’s great grandfather was Spaniard (back in the day a lot of people from Europe migrated to work and that is how the mixture started with my great grandfather and grandmother). When I was little I was told I learned Spanish first but as I got older I am around English a lot more such as when I was in school, watching tv, talking to friends, and cousins I speak more English. But at home I try to include Spanish. My primary language is English. I am tan (because I have to lay out or my skin is pale white). I have light brown curly hair, I have hazel brown eyes, I am short, I am skinny and most of appearance I think comes from the Spaniard side.

We value family, food, music, religion and dance. Family is considered everything you help each other out no matter the age. (Most parents don’t want their kids to leave the house until they are married, or finished with a career, parents are strict on their kid’s mainly because the fathers were taught to be tough masculinity- meaning girls cannot date until after they graduate high school, boys are taught to work to provide for their future family. Now a day’s things are different of course in America and the new century) that is mainly for the old fashioned parents…. Food, music, and dance- are a very big deal. Birthdays, holidays, weddings are taken very serious. Food is mixed with a lot of vegetables and whole grains such as beans and rice, we love meat. And we are big on spices. Music and dance is also a big deal (we like to have a good time at events). Parties don’t finish till the next morning. Every Hispanic is different when it comes to religion, I grew up a catholic. Church every Sunday.

Does one culture have legal, social, cultural privileges that the other does not?

What might be the reason behind these differences?

the education disadvantage for Mexican Americans largely reflects their treatment as a stigmatized racial group rather than simply being a result of low immigrant human capital or of other causes suggested in the literature Mexican Americans may be slightly darker, slightly more stigmatized, and slightly more disadvantaged than these prior European groups, these factors will only slightly delay their integration into U.S. society.
reasons behind this would probably be color, education, low class.

For my part of the interview

My race consists of Caucasian; my dad and mom are both from south Georgia. I am their only child. English is the only language I have ever spoken. I grew up in a small town where everyone knew everyone. My family owned a farm, so I spent a lot of time on the farm in the summers when I was younger, picking peans taking care of chickens, and helping plant different harvestable. I am tan from the small amount of Cherokee Indian I have dark brown straight hair I’m taller than most women at 5’9. I have high cheekbones, I am curvey, and have always been a bigger size than the “norm” in other words, and I was picked on a lot in school always used to think I was fat when I was only a size six, primarily due to my hips.

We value family, food, music, and religion. Family and working are essential; you help out no matter the age on the farm. When you marry in the family, they are expected to help as well if you still live in town. Religion is a vital part of life in the south; you make your first friends at church. It is your second family, and it is the only time you are not expected to do housework or help on the farm. Here is where the food comes in and family every Sunday we spend as a family with home-cooked food and have a good meal together after church with the same for holidays when spending the together. Big dinners that everyone brings food to and helps to make food are typically fried chicken, greens, cabbage, black eye peas, cornbread, a lot of then stuff that has been grown on the farm mostly. I’m a southern baptist, and my family was very strict, meaning church Sunday morning and night and on Wednesdays as well

Does one culture have legal, social, cultural privileges that the other does not?

What might be the reason behind these differences?

• Does one culture have legal, social, cultural privileges that the other does not? I believe I have a better advantage for school than most I have never really met a barrier other than being a single mother schools systems are not designed for parents trying to better themselves
• What might be the reason behind these differences? probably due to most 20 years old don’t have a 4-year-old in school

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